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As a service to the members of the Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies (AHFSA), AHFSA is providing a listing of current job opportunities submitted by organizations offering positions in the licensing, certifying, and inspecting of health care providers and other administrative positions within the State Agency.

The Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies has no direct interest in the jobs posted or in the organizations which advertise the job opportunities. AHFSA does not regulate or monitor the content of the individual posting. The content of all postings is provided by the organization offering the position. All postings must be for a specific job opportunity in conformance with the AHFSA job posting guidelines.

Job Posting Guidelines

Organizations are invited to submit job openings on the AHFSA web site, Postings are free of charge to AHFSA State Agency members. AHFSA will only post positions that are relevant to our members and to the AHFSA mission. Job postings on the AHFSA website should represent a real and currently available job. Job postings must be made available to qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender and sexual orientation

Click here to submit a job posting, You must be a member of AHFSA, or be posting on behalf of a State Agency member director, with an active online member account in order to submit job postings.

Please allow up to five (5) business days from date of receipt for your job posting to be posted on the AHFSA website. A confirmation email including the link to posting will be emailed to the submitter once it is complete.

After 90 days, the description will be removed unless a re-posting is requested. If the position is filled before 90 days, please contact AHFSA so that the position may be removed. 


AHFSA does not monitor or regulate content of job postings. Liability of the content is subject to the governing laws of the state of the organization which submitted the posting.

Current Job Openings 

Minnesota Department of Health -Health Regulation Division Director 

DSHS Director of Residential Care Services 

Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services is seeking a collaborative leader to join our team as the Director of Residential Care Services. Managing a division that is extremely self-motivated and hardworking, this is an ideal opportunity for you to influence statewide policy, programs and services that affect residential care for the aging population in Washington state.

As the Director and member of the Aging and Long Term Support Administration’s management team, you will oversee employees who are responsible for licensing facilities, inspecting facilities, and ensuring facilities meet state and federal regulatory requirements.

Your ability to communicate and collaborate with many different internal and external stakeholders and with the federal government to develop policies and provide direction will be critical to your success. This is an exciting opportunity to continuously learn and build on the current foundation of Washington's high performing administration of fair, equitable, and consistent inspection and enforcement for all licensed and certified providers.

Some of your responsibilities as Director of Residential Care Services:

• Establish statewide policy regarding licensing and certification requirements.

• Ensure consistent implementation of processes and policies established by Residential Care Services

• Interpret and analyze complex federal and state laws, policies, regulations and procedures, including assessing the impacts of proposed legislation at the State and Federal level.

• Serve as a representative for ALTSA/RCS to federal agencies, state legislative bodies and other public and private agencies.

• Lead and direct a team of office chiefs in implementing administrative activities. Identify opportunities to delegate operational control that is consistent with work plans and defined responsibilities.

• Think strategically in setting performance goals and planning related to risk management, business operations, research, reporting, quality assurance, training and the informational technology needs of RCS.

• Provide direction and consistency guidance for internal policies and request for information.

• Serve as the lead for the administration on COVID response for long-term care facilities and agencies.

Who should apply:

• A professional with a master’s degree in Nursing, Social Work, Human Services, Business Administration, Public Administration, Healthcare Administration, Finance or a related field or equivalent education/work experience

• A minimum of 10 years' of high-level management experience leading multi-level units.

• Demonstrated experience in effective team management, results driven leadership, excellent communication and ability to problem solve.

• 5 years or more experience developing and implementing programs providing services in aging and disability services, adult protective services, public health, mental health or a closely related area.

• 5 years or more experience working with stakeholders or constituents.

You are encouraged to visit to learn more and apply on contact Lindsey White at

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