AHFSA 2018 Annual Conference Session Presentations

Monday, September 24, 2018 

Session Presentations:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 

General Session – Keynote Address III Public Health Initiatives to Strengthen Healthcare  Infection Prevention Programs: Nimalie Stone 

C1 LTC FRIs and Complaints: Karen Tritz and Gregg Brandush 
C2 N-LTC EMTALA Complaint Triage:  Dana Selover, Karyn Thrapp, and David Wright
C3 PD/M Surveyor Recruitment and Retention:  Darleen Bartz, Shirlee Steiner and Laura Hudspeth
C4 Open Track Emergency Closure, Receivership and Systems Improvement Agreements: Mary Henderson, Derek Jakovich, and Ramiro Cantu 

D1 LTC IJ (Appendix Q): Lisa Tripp and Karen Tritz , Handout
D2 N-LTC Collaboration with Public Health Communicable Disease Epidemiologists: Ramiro Cantu and Frank Schitoskey,  Sara Podczervinski and Patty Montgomery, and Nimalie Stone
D3 PD/M Disaster Response 101: Mary Henderson and Molly McKinstry Moderator: Caecilia Blondiaux
D4 Open Track LTCSP Year One:
Lessons Learned and Tips for Success: Patrick Campbell

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 

General Session: Centers for Medicare and  Medicaid Services Update:  David Wright iQIES and Moving Ahead: Ed Mortimore QSOG Update: David Wright and Tennille Rogers Panel CO/RO Leadership: Renard Murray, Sandra Pace, David Wright, and Tennille Rogers

National Background Checks Forum Sessions
Day 1 - Session 1 - Welcome and New States_NRFormatted.pdf
Day 1 - Session 2 - Part 1 - Best Practices_NRFormatted.pdf
Day 1 - Session 2 - Part 1 - Best Practices_NRFormatted.pdf
Day 1 - Session 2 - Part 2 - Roundtable discussion - Emerging Issues_NRF....pdf
Day 2 - Session 2 - Joint Sessions_NRFormatted.pdf
Day 2 - Session 3 - Background Screening and the Survey and Certificatio....pdf
Day 2 - Session 4 - Variations in State Screening Processes_NRFormatted_....pdf
Day 2 - Session 5 - Training Providers on the Screening Process_NRFormat....pdf
Day 2 - Session 6 - Reaching Goals_NRFormatted.pdf
AHFSA2018-Performance Monitoring_NRFormatted.pdf

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