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AHFSA 2019 Annual Conference

Thank you to our conference sponsors and exhibitors for helping make our 50th anniversary a special event!

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2019 AHFSA Annual Conference Speaker Presentations:

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Spontaneous Art of Being Human. Lisa Rowland

The Ethics of Autonomy, Risk, and Facility Responsibility, Dr. Michael Gillette

The Ethics of Autonomy, Risk, and Facility Responsibility – Continued Discussion, Dr. Michael Gillette

Human Trafficking: Awareness and Training are Key in Combating Human Trafficking, Lt. Amy Juneau, Louisiana State Police

iQIES –The Status of the Project and Timelines for Implementation, Jenny Filipovits, Mitzi Christ, Nag Peta CMS


The Art of Being Human - Continued from Keynote, Lisa Row

SPSS – Combined Session, Bonnie Reed, CMS  State Specific Handout 

HELP WANTED: Solving State Agency Recruitment and Retention Challenges, Frances Fair, MS, Bill Alcock, AZ, Melanie Simon, GA.

Receiverships, Closures, Temporary Management and Change of Ownerships Perspectives and Best Practice Strategies, Lisa Thomson, Pathway Health Services, Otis Woods, WI

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Emerging Strategies to Address the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance in Healthcare, Dr. Alex Kallen, CDC

Facility Reported Incidents/Complaints – Elaine Soong and Evan Shulman, CMS, Laura Hudspeth, WY and Stefanie Mozgai, NJ

Hospital Quality Concerns: Adverse Events, Role of Accrediting Organizations and Emerging Issues, Karen Tritz, David Wright, Linda D. Smith, CMS and Kimberly R. Smoak, FL.

Best Training Practices for Home Office/Satellite Based Surveyors, Valerie Deetz, NY, Darleen Bartz, ND, Michelle Dillehay, FL.

Opioids –Dr. James Hussey Medical Director, Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health

AHFSA Luncheon – Keynote Video Presentation – Issues in LGBTQ Health, Dr. Rachael Levine, PA.

Lessons Learned from the Frontline: Prevention and Control of Multidrug-Resistant Organism (MDRO) Transmission in Nursing Homes, Dr. Belinda Ostrowsky, CDC  Part 1  Part 2

AO Validation Survey Panel Discussion, Dora Kane, LA., Robin Bucknel, WA, Cassie Dunham, CA., Karen Tritz, CMS

New State Agency Directors Orientation, Stefanie Mozgai, NJ, Darleen Bartz, ND, Shannon Hill, CMS

Persistent Nursing Facility Problems, Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney Justice in Aging

2019 NBCF Presentations 



12_Elected Officials Stakeholders and Media Relations 2019 0712.pptx

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10_OIG AHFSA Conference 2019 FINAL.pptx

9_Using the NBCP for Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program 071819 FInal.ppt.pptx

8_AHFSA_2019_PPT_Forum_Presentation_Template Idaho.pptx

7_Michigan Child Care Background Check Program (CCBC) tie-in with NBCP.pptx

6_Maine-DHHS-MBCC Waivers.pptx

5_Michigan Tiered Exclusions.pptx

4_Denise Matthews AHFSA_07312019_PPT_Forum_Presentation_ - FR EDITS X2.pptx


2_ITSA Audit Training Conference NOLA.ppt

1_NIS Overview Briefing Slides.ppt

Promising Practice Winners 

OPRI Best Practice Presentation 2019-FINAL.potx (2).pptx

AHFSA WA State Best Practice PPT.pptm

AHFSA 2019 Best Practices-Using Technology to Drive Process Improvement - Aug2019.pptx

AHFSA 2019 Best Practices-MOLST- Aug2019.pptx

Wisconsin_Social Media Awareness_Best Practice.pptx

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